Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed

So I’ve been avoiding writing this blog post since it’s about the main character in my book. I drew this when I was working on his back story and it’s just such a heart breaking picture. 🙁

Aaron’s parents divorce when he is five, so this drawing/Krita painting is of him sitting outside in the rain while they argue inside just before the divorce. He’s such a sweet heart and worries that it’s his fault, doesn’t help that his mother often tells him it is too, so he tries his hardest but it never seems to be enough.

This was the first one, as you can see everything looks pretty dry and it’s super bright. I really disliked how bright it turned out, but it is closest to the original drawing in my sketch book. Which by the way I was/am super proud of. I’ve always felt bad at drawing people so when this one turned out I was so excited and proud! Granted none of them have faces, but hey Progress! 🙂

Sooo since I decided to draw this on the computer I figured I’d add rain, I had originally wanted rain but I wasn’t sure how to do that in my sketchbook. I’m still not sure how to do it. Anyway this is how it turned out. I do like it but it feels unfinished to me…I like it but not really. Which was the other reason I’ve been holding off on putting them up here, I didn’t feel satisfied. :I

I figured I’d just get rid of the puddles and try making everything look wet. It sort of worked, but I thought it needed a little more texture. (This one is my favorite of the 5)

After adding more texture it looked like this…it looks more grainy rather than rainy. Haha. I do like it though but then I had this great thought!

I turned the original layers on that had the puddles and rain drops and I’m still not sold on this one but I really like how it turned out. It’s super dark on the house and I would like to practice puddles and rain (& water in general) before I try redoing this (again), but for now I think I’m pretty happy with it.



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