College Art

College Art

While attending Snow College I was an art major, and subsequently I have quite a bit of art from that time. I haven't photographed all of it by any means, but here are some and I know they're a little yellow I'm not sure what happened when I was photographing them. I'll probably have to rephotograph them in the future but that is not this day.

Bone Study

This Project was done using powdered graphite and water, something the teacher had always wanted to try. It was certainly interesting. Graphite and water do not mix well and we had to spray a ton of fixative on each drawing so it didn't smear if you accidentally brushed against it. I think it turned out really cool, but powdered graphite is soooo messy!

Graphite & Marker Studies

This Project was one of my favorites once we stopped drawing veggies and drift wood. The object if I remember correctly was to use as few lines as possible while experimenting with different line thickness. I loved drawing the ram skulls like this and perhaps I'll give it another shot in the future.

Ugly Paint Layers

Most the students in my class loved this project, I however hated it. You had to layer acrylic paint draw a cow skull, and later gourds, then you sand down through the paint layers to get this cool effect...for some reason the paint in the blue one wouldn't come off. Granted it looks cool but it was so frustrating! My gourd on the other's so ugly! Never ever, ever, listen to the Beetles when doing an art project, it will ruin it. Unless you want a drawing/painting that looks like the 70s puked on it...I had two or three like this, and while the yellow gourd turned out okay-ish the paint on the others wouldn't come off at all.


I personally loved this series of projects. We had to draw and paint on things that already had stuff on them, like maps and record covers. The Little People are on a map of Idaho and if you look between the farmer and tractor you'll see the River of No Return. Then the lovely drawing of my winter boot is on a winter rec. map. Lastly and my favorite is the record cover, I drew the cog and painted it blue and purple. I loved the little man and wanted to keep him and it turned out so cool! I would love to do this again, although part of me feels bad defiling another person's art work. But at the same looks so cool!

Small Things Blown Up

For this series we had to find small objects to draw larger; it was a precursor for our final. Which was picking one or part of these and drawing it on a paper almost as tall as me. I only ended up using the pop tab for the final. The background is acrylic paint, and the drawings were done using pastels and charcoal.

Cloth & Rope Studies

These ones were a lot of fun. You'd paint the paper, draw with graphite or charcoal, then once the drawing was "finished" you'd paint around it with another color. I think there's a little bit of layering happening in the Clamp one, so I think I sanded it down a bit to get that cool speckled effect, but I also flicked water on the drying paint and wiped it off...I'm pretty sure that's what's going on it's been a lo--ong time. Cloth studies are kind of funny but they're interesting to look at for sure.

Digital Media

This was from my Digital Media class, it was fun but I found every "bug" in every program we used. For this one we had to show two sides of ourselves. I was so grateful I already had some photos from previous years, one was for a 20s or 40s party (I don't remember), and the other was a 90s party. It's not the best image of them, but I don't know where on my computer the original is or if I even still have it...things from that class got corrupted when I was working on my final...I've never seen a teacher laugh so hard.

Oil Paintings

I'm really hesitant to say anything about these two. You know when you have an idea and you can see it so well in you head? Well, they didn't turn out at all like I had imagined. I like them, but I don't love them. I think one of these is my midterm and the other is my final...I was so disappointed neither turned out how I wanted. I also felt a little embarrassed because I didn't think mine were as good as everyone else. I really struggled with color, the teacher would look at something and be like "I see blue, you should add more blue to his skin" so I'd look at it too and just feel like "....what? Is there something wrong with your eyes? Is there something wrong with my eyes? I see skin color, a pinkish white!" I get it now, he meant the hues and tones...why didn't someone mention that during the class I wonder? Haha maybe they did and I just wasn't paying attention, I was probably imagining what I was going to paint. 😛


Math homework was really hard this particular semester and every scrap paper I used ended up with a doodle...or five. It was so hard and I'm so grateful my best friend, and roommate at the time, was there to help me...granted we got into a few heated arguments because of it. I know it's kind of silly but I'm pretty proud of some of these, that's why I'm putting them up here doodles are some of my favorite little artworks. (1010 Math class was harder than the ones I took later...Just because it's considered "easy" and you don't get it doesn't mean you're dumb, I understood actual application and higher levels of math but struggled with the "easy" basics.)