New Adventure!

New Adventure!

I now officially have a “store”!!! I am selling through a site called InkTale, where artists put their designs on products and InkTale will print and ship them when they are ordered off their site. I have Zero inventory and I don’t have to worry about returns, for now at least.

In the future I want to have my own store here on this site, but money is tight when you’re starting a business. So until I’ve got some wiggle room for investments this is how I’m doing things.

Anyway it’s super exciting, and below I’ve put up some of my favorite designs so far, I’ve got a lot so think of it as my top four. I also have some cute new designs coming either by the end of this week or next week, depends on when my samples get here. :I
Waiting on the mail is hard.

This is going to be an exciting new Adventure and I’m so excited to share it with you all! Have an awesome day, and remember ordering online for Christmas should be done by the end of November, or December 9th at the very latest. Shipping gets crazy this time of year, and weather can really slow things down, so get your stuff early!

Hero or Villain

I Love wearing this one. I know most of the time I'm more a villain than anything else, but I'm a hero too...on occasion. 🙂

Be Different

There are plenty of colors for this one, but white right now is my favorite. This was inspired by my best friend and our love of Psych...pretty much anything with a pineapple makes me think of psych. Great show, but as you can see it has ruined me.

Be Different Cell Phone Case

I love this one so much, I hope in the future the company I'm printing through will have more cell phone types available. As it is it's only for iphones 5-8 and recently even the newest X (letters now really?)

Be Different Tote Bag

Of my 'Be Different' series this was the first one I got, and I just love it. It's strong enough to hold all my sketchbooks and note books, and I usually haul around more than I need. Bad habits die hard right?

Game Over Sweatshirt

There are two variations of this design. One has Binary code that says "bring it on" and this one just has the game over. I love them both. (URL below takes you to the other variant with code)

College is Hard Series: Episode 1

Buying Books is a Joke
Also known as CIH, my college series is one I'm having a blast making! Things I've found or encountered while at school, or fun/horror stories from my family and friends.
Either way college is awesome, worth it, and sometimes quite hard.