Noise & Silence

Noise & Silence

Soft damp earth

cushions a small two toed hoof.

Stiff long legs

move through the green brush.

Her round fawn body expands gently

with her breathing.

Her eyes are calm

but watchful.

Her tail twitches

And her ears search,

for sounds that warn of danger.

Noise noise noise.

YKuiJ…wind.. poklsejdfgtyu suoadf poaiwkneLo


Kednhgloeihj…river… tlqknehpaiejgp


Rippling muscles glide along his back;

Shoulders alternate moving up and down,

Matching the steady rhythm of his breath.

The soft dirt cushions his weight,

and muffles sound.

A cool breeze shifts, he drops down

concentrated murderous eyes.

His claws dig into the earth,

focus ahead ;

His ears erect,

His tail flicks

flick flick flick.


His muscles tighten,

Bunching beneath him;

Power swirls in his belly

waiting waiting waiting.


Her calm eyes search for danger,

her ears hear what she can’t see





His muscles surge

Releasing his tan form

Claws reaching

tail arcing

teeth showing







Calm murderous eyes purr pleasantly.

noise noise noise.



Death…dvkjnhseiseh…Takes…sdkjghkse… all.


–Kaylee LeMmon

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