Slipping From Reality

Slipping From Reality

Rolling like film across the page

Soft comfortable words silently speak

Telling me stories of fantasy and fable;

Harry Potter, Tom Sawyer and Count Dracula

Tales full of magic, swords, adventure, and seduction.

Stories stay with me, biting my brain,

Attacking and dodging

Gently causing pain.

A need to know more,

I’ve a craving stronger than before.

I can’t fight it,

Why bother trying?

The stories live within me, they won’t leave.

I don’t want them to.

So they stay and play

Their imaginary films all day and all night

So full of color

Blues deep as the ocean,

Yellows, orange, and reds as bright as the sun.

With flowers that talk, swords wielded by charming knights, and demons disguised as angels.

My head is too full

But I don’t wish the thoughts to go.

So they stay and I watch them play,

Their films in my mind.

While reality slowly gets left behind.


–Kaylee LeMmon