It’s still way too early to be celebrating, but guys I’m editing! Currently I’m on chapter three and I’m just loving it. Editing has always been one of my favorite parts. It’s where you get to tear things apart to make it better, the refining process. I love seeing how things can improve and change. It’s so much fun.

The other day someone told me I must have a passion for writing. I’ve never considered writing my “passion” it’s something I enjoy and I decided to dedicate my time to it. I want to improve my ability and skills, but calling it a “passion” wasn’t something I ever dared do. I have never felt passionately about anything, so I just assumed that I was a passionless person. However as I’ve thought about “passion” and why he would have said that I’ve realized something. No one in their right mind would continue to work on something for two-three years without some form of passion. So I think I do have a passion for writing; even if it just started out as something I enjoyed enough to try.

Although I can’t help thinking that perhaps passion doesn’t exist at all in the beginning? Maybe it’s something you have to find and fight to keep? Maybe passion just means dedicating your time and working hard because it’s something you enjoy?

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