300 Writing Prompts: 1

300 Writing Prompts: 1

I have the best PalFriend ever. She saw this book and got it just because she thought I’d like it. It’s called 300 Writing Prompts, which is great since sometimes coming up with something to write about can be hard.

Prompt 1: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Something I’ve always loved doing is going for walks. When I was in college and living with my best friend whenever we had a day off we would walk to McDonalds get fries (sometimes also a shake) then we’d just walk. Once we went for a four hour walk around the tiny countryside college town. Then we’d go to the little elementary school up on the hill and play on the unusual playground equipment. We often joked the playground was built to train the kids to become ninjas. I guess it isn’t really a lazy day but more like goofing off and acting like kids. So if I have a lazy day you can bet I’ll be spending it like a kid; outside and having some fun.

I guess if I couldn’t go outside I’d spend the day reading. A cozy spot in the house with a good book to get lost in for several hours…or playing Minecraft online with my PalFriend.

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