Late New Year

Late New Year

Sorry it’s been some time since I’ve gotten on here. This last weekend I went to the LTUE (Life, the Universe, and Everything) writer’s conference. It was great. I volunteered which meant I got to attend the classes/panels for free, which was perfect since my wallet is dusty and full of pennies. I’ll post the notes I got from there and write more about it tomorrow, tonight I have other plans. ^_^

The future is going to be awesome. Change is coming for this little site of mine. I’m going to be updating it more often, and the content is going to change a little too. I want something a little more personal and exciting so I’m going to change it.

Originally I started this site to cater to my photography but I hit problem after problem and it never really took off. During this time I was fighting back the urge to write, I didn’t want to. I didn’t think I was good enough. I had even been told I should try doing something with my art instead or to get a “realistic” job. It took working at a really hard job (for me) to realize I don’t care what others think, I am going to do what I want and if that is to starve as a writer then so be it. Although I’m not planning on starving, I plan to succeed. Duh. No one plans on failing…that would be a pointless use of energy. So here I am -v(‘-‘)v- (that was supposed to be a shrug), but if I know anything at all it’s that I’ve got to finish this. Even if this book of mine tanks I’ve got to finish. After all if I quit now the last year or so will have been wasted.

Gosh I love writing. 🙂

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