Catching up :P

Catching up :P

I’ve been really busy lately but here are a few drawings to make up for my absence! Yay!

Adventure Time Me 1

Adventure Time Me 5

These two are my newer ones, I’ve been doing the style challenge where you draw yourself in another person’s style. This one is Adventure Time; I’m still playing with colors and body types but I really like how they turned out. Although I just noticed I forgot to color my ear on the bottom one, haha ooops. I’m going to try this style again so look for a more finished one in the future!Carl Adamson Taylor Goodwin 4

This little sketch is a character from my book, (although he doesn’t appear in my current book) his story is tied profoundly to Carl Adamson’s story. I wasn’t sure what to draw so I ended up drawing poor little Taylor. I am coloring him in but I’m not done so for now ya’ll get this cute little sketch.EYE PRACTICE

Eye practice! I don’t really like the way most of my eyes turn out so I’ve been practicing. This is actually modeled after my own eye I think I like it although maybe less lines and the bottom lashes are looking funny to me…anyway practice makes awesome, and hopefully I’ll get there soon. 🙂 Trapped VillainSo this dude…He’s a villain in a story I’m working on for my little sister. It’s a comic (something I’ve never done before) and I’m planing on putting it up here when it’s finished, but I don’t know we’ll just have to see how it turns out.

Anyway sorry today’s post is also pretty short I’ve got a lot of writing to do if I want to finish my book this year…hopefully this month/next month depending on how the edits go *cringe* anyway hope you all have a great day and let me know what you think of these!

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