A Little Crazy, Thursday January 12 2017

A Little Crazy, Thursday January 12 2017

A little Crazy

Alright as of now I’ve finally got an Art Blog! Woooo it only took me a few years to figure out how to do this annnd to finally find the motivation to start drawing again. I’m a bit short on time tonight, but basically I thought I wasn’t good at art anymore and I stopped for a while. My friend challenged me to thirty days of drawing (pretty sure it took us both at least two months to actually finish, but we did it!) and it has rekindled my love of drawing and doodling.

Often times my downfall is that I fill a sketch book feel proud and excited for a while, and then toss that poor sketch book on the shelf. Literally no one is going to see what I drew unless I whip it out and actually present it to them. Like “hey look at what I drew!” although sometimes it feels more like I’m forcing my drawings on people “LOOOK AT IT!” I don’t want to be a nuisance, but I’m proud and excited and really just want to share with someone. So my Solution = Art Blog.

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