Lady in Red Thursday, October, 27th 2016

Lady in Red Thursday, October, 27th 2016

(Sorry I know the Dates don’t match, I had this on the art page itself and just figured out how to do this. Haha still learning!)


Lady in Red 1

For this I used Krita and my ancient Wacom. I was playing with style and line and I think she turned out pretty well.



Lady in Red 2

For this one I took the same drawing Lady in Red and was playing with lighting and the different effects Krita has. This program is still super new to me but it was a fun study.


So in case you don’t know Krita is a fun drawing program, you may  be able to do a lot more with it I just haven’t figured it out yet, anyway it’s free and so far I’m quite pleased with it. 🙂

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