Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone!

Alright, good news first: there is now a Facebook Page for my photos! Bad news is the super cute website theme i’m using isn’t compatible with a facebook like button or a facebook quick link. I was able to figure out a way to make the quick link work, but it doesn’t have the cool facebook logo. It will take you to the facebook page so at least the website and Facebook page are now connected. (this took me a week to figure out; help forums are never helpful when you need them most). ;P

I plan (hope) to have a new gallery set up and running by next Saturday (it’s not hard it just takes forever!). I’m still debating which one to put up next. Animals, Plants, Pathways, or Life (everyday Item). I guess it doesn’t really matter since they all have great pictures in them…but anyway look forward to something new!

–Kaylee Ray

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