Spring Fever + Life = Wanting

Spring Fever + Life = Wanting

Well I didn’t get that new gallery up by Saturday…so much for my deadline. (although it was a self imposed deadline so there really aren’t any consequence other than the fact that the galleries are not complete and the new gallery is not up yet). However I am working on it sooo expect it soon. 🙂

It was so warm the other day it made me long for spring. Where I live it’s cold from the end of October to the end of March and sometimes till the middle of April…although every once and a while it will snow in May. Which is weird. Warm winter days make me feel nostalgic, which inevitably makes it hard to focus on work.

I wish nostalgically warm winter days where the least of my problems. This new year has been a beast; and not the kind that turns into a handsome prince and sweeps you off your feet. I’m to the point where if anything else happens (knock on wood) I am just going to sit down and laugh, because this year has been ridiculous. It’s kind of weird though because 2011’s January and February were just as hard…I hope this doesn’t become a pattern.


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